Cory strand - enslaved 1992-1997 -

So, if the father is Rh positive and mother is Rh negative, then extra care should be taken during pregnancy. If the mother’s immune system has prior knowledge of Rh D antigen, either due to some previous blood transfusion of Rh +ve blood group, or if this is not the first pregnancy and the earlier pregnancies carried a Rh positive child, then chances are that the mother’s immune system is already aware of Rh D antigen and has antibodies against it ready, which can be of an immediate concern for the fetus health. Tests are done during early stages of pregnancy, and if the mother is Rh -ve and the child is Rh +ve, then an injection which prevents the mother’s immune system from generating antibodies against Rh D antigen is given during pregnancy. This will ensure that the fetus remains unaffected by the fact that the mother’s blood is Rh negative and ensures a safe delivery of the child.

Of course a Christian who knows the Bible rejects many of the fundamental tenets of paganism. We believe though that these tenets must be demonstrated to be wrong. Our God is greater than all of your gods put together. And of course, our Ultimate Victory will be when Jesus Christ returns as King and Judge. Until then the Kingdom of God will only manifest in part, mostly where it is welcomed and embraced. We will continue in prayer and fasting, Christian meditation and acts of truth and mercy so that more and more may taste of the goodness of God personally before it is too late.

In 'Youth' Paolo Sorrentino ha d the great idea to make a movie about a composer, who is played in the film by Michael Caine.  Paolo and I spent a lot of time talking about what the music in the film could mean.  It became clear to me that Paolo needed the music to be the doorway into the emotional life of the character, that we would learn different things about the character from his music than from his words.  It is a beautiful trope of the film that the composer would use words to communicate with other people but would use music to communicate with himself.  

Joana - Sensual Sex Games
It was a real challenge to perform the action for this video and shoot it, because my sweet model Joana had suuuuuuch a tiny pussy! Seriously,
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Nieuws uit de Muziekwereld brengt dagelijks binnen- en buitenlands muzieknieuws onder de aandacht van de muziekliefhebbers

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