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It's telling that Thora Vukk 's most memorable moment occurs when the music all but drops out, but it's also misleading. Wruhme's sound design is careful and deep; the album's homespun feel is in tone only (it would be lazy to compare it to the sweet, sepia-toned photograph on the album's cover, but, well, yeah). He leaves plenty of space between the muted chirps of his drums and those lovely velvet keys, and there's lots to be gained by playing the record loudly on a good system. Wruhme's career path and stature make Thora Vukk the type of album that never escapes the clutches of house connoisseurs, but fans of Jaar and even Four Tet will find a lot to like in its pacing and beauty.

The title track “Floripa” begins to take its form around a thick and dub-drenched bassline that moves and morphs with fluidity, as tiny percussive elements orbit around an instant-classic synth melody that appeals directly to the heartstrings. The track’s midsection showcases airy, spatial sound wizardry, with shimmering cosmic riffs on the core melodic phrase that cement its anthemic status; the latter third then subtly shifts gears again, amplifying the bottom end, and rooting it into a deep, urgent groove.

Robag Wruhme - Thora VukkRobag Wruhme - Thora VukkRobag Wruhme - Thora VukkRobag Wruhme - Thora Vukk

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