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pulls up his ‘Low waist’ Levis jeans, trying to light the ‘evergreen’ kings from a lighter hung to the tree..

Eamhain Mhacha (or Navan Fort), at the western edge of Armagh, is believed to have been an ancient pagan ritual or ceremonial site. According to Irish mythology it was one of the great royal sites of Gaelic Ireland and the capital of Ulster . It appears to have been largely abandoned after the 1st century. In the 3rd century, a ditch and bank was dug around the top of Cathedral Hill, the heart of what is now Armagh. Its circular shape matches the modern street layout. Evidence suggests that it was a pagan sanctuary and the successor to Navan. [5] Like Navan, it too was named after the goddess Macha  – Ard Mhacha means "Macha's height". This name was later anglicised as Ardmagh , [6] [7] which eventually became Armagh .

Macha - See It Another WayMacha - See It Another WayMacha - See It Another WayMacha - See It Another Way

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